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Mon 13 - Fri 17 March 2023 Tokyo, Japan
Thu 16 Mar 2023 11:00 - 12:00 at Faculty of Engineering Building 2, Room 212 - Keynote Chair(s): Shigeru Chiba

The Society for Poetic Computing (SFPC), founded by Zach Lieberman, is the heart and soul of those active in the scene connecting art and science. More than that, Zach says SFPC breaks down the boring walls between art and science and leads to a better future (http://boundbaw.com/what-is-art-science/8). I, too, have been thinking a lot about art and science. I would like to talk about that. Right now, Deep Neural Networks are taking over the world, the Large Language model is changing the world again, and the rapid development of Virtual Reality is building the metaverse in its original sense. I would like to discuss these recent developments in the context of my work.


Thu 16 Mar

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